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Hi, I’m Ben Roberts, a freelance web developer based in the lovely county of Hertfordshire, England. I’ve been doing this web thing for a very long time and I am intensely passionate about it. Maybe I’m just a perfectionist. Maybe I like problem solving. What I do know, is that I love creating software that makes people happy. And that is the first qualification a programmer needs. I run an amazing little team of people who help me create code that does really, really cool stuff.

Whether you are here because you came across one of our plugins, or you need some web development work done, including enhancing a website, adding an online shop, or creating a custom plugin, we can help.



We Build Tools For WordPress Sites


‘Ultimeter’ is the only progress or goal meter for WordPress, you will ever need. Great to display your fundraising progress or just about any other metric.

Active User

Creates the ability for your site to start recording when your users login, so you can see exactly when they last did. Provides a set of tools to deal with inactive users.

Recurring Bookings for WooCommerce

This plugin adds an important but missing feature of WooCommerce’s Bookings extension, the ability to make recurring bookings.

Toolkit for BuddyPress

A suite of moderation and community enhancement tools for BuddyPress, including member to member blocking, reporting and suspension.


Things we do

  • JavaScript

  • JQuery

  • PHP

  • SQL



  • WordPress

  • Drupal

  • Joomla!

  • Responsive Design

  • WooCommerce Specialist

  • Shopify


  • Foundation/Bootstrap



If you use one of our plugins, you’ll already know how good our code is

We love writing plugins. It allows us to produce great tools, and make them available to 100’s of thousands of WordPress creators. But we also like creating custom, bespoke code, to help clients take their WordPress sites to the next level. Our prices are surprisingly good value, so stop looking for a plugin that probably doesn’t exist, and let us create something special and unique for you.

Just because there isn’t a plugin to achieve what you want, it doesn’t mean you can never have it.


Top-notch support

When you purchase a plugin, or install some custom code, we don’t suddenly disappear. We take immense pride in our support. Let me explain why. We rely on our plugins to work perfectly, first time. We need you to be happy with our products so you give us an amazing review (see below for proof). And we want to use your website to show off our work to new customers. So you see, we can’t afford not to continue being amazing, long after you installed our software.

" Congratulations. You are just about the first plugin designer who has ever responded promptly to a help request from me. You really must know your way around your plugin! Feel I am dreaming. A thoroughly professional designer who is enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Well done."

 rjoss ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Ultimeter is a great plugin if you’d like to include a progress meter on your site. It’s really easy to configure and it gives you the option of a vertical or horizontal meter. You can also configure it with the currency symbol of your choice and the color for the progress bar. Since you can add it with a short code you can include more than one Ultimeter on your site."

jane ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"This plugin is the only one I’ve found that really does this. It works exactly as intended and is very simple to configure. It’s responsive and looks great as well. I had a small issue getting a custom animation to work and the support was top tier. Couldn’t ask for more. FWIW it’s very much worth the small price for the pro version. Inexpensive and gives you a lot of extra cool features to play with. Very glad I found this. Cheers ✌🏼"

christiantjr ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Great plugin. I had a request for a decimal-comma In Dutch style. Quick response on e-mail and already solved in the current release. Very pleased with it. Keep up the good work."

hanziep ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐