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30% off the Ultimeter Lifetime Plan

Take 30% off the price of the lifetime plan with code SPRING30. The lifetime plan is a one-off fee for Ultimeter, meaning no renewals or chance of your licence being cancelled. And it really is a great offer – the lifetime plan is already heavily discounted. To...

Help Shape Our Next Version

We need you to tell us want you want included in the next release of Block, Suspend, Report for BuddyPress. We’d love to hear your ideas here. If your idea is included, we’ll give you 50% off the Pro Edition as a ‘thank you’!

Hey! Where’s all the docs?

Don’t worry, they are being written as we speak. We think Block, Suspend, Report for BuddyPress is pretty self-explanatory, but in the meantime, if you have any questions let us know! Free Users Pro Edition Users...
WordPress Upload Folder Permissions Issue

WordPress Upload Folder Permissions Issue

If you run WordPress on a Windows server, whether in a production setting, or developing with a product such as WAMP or MAMP for Windows, you may run into a really annoying issue where you don’t have permission to view or move an uploaded file. The cause is PHP....