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WordPress Plugins

I love creating plugins. Every plugin solves a problem, and problem-solving is what I love most. I have four at the moment – you can see them below. If you need support, please head to the support page in the menu. If you have a suggestion for a plugin, please contact me. And if you have used one of my plugins on the WordPress Repository, but haven’t felt the need to purchase the professional edition, then there are two things you could do to make me very happy. At the bottom of the page are some secure PayPal links to donate to my chicken wings fund. I also love to receive 5 star reviews on the WordPress reviews page of my plugins.

Thanks for choosing me as your plugin developer!


‘Ultimeter’ is the only progress or goal meter for WordPress, you will ever need. Great to display your fundraising progress or just about any other metric.

Active User

Creates the ability for your site to start recording when your users login, so you can see exactly when they last did. Provides a set of tools to deal with inactive users.

Recurring Bookings for WooCommerce

This plugin adds an important but missing feature of WooCommerce’s Bookings extension, the ability to make recurring bookings.

Toolkit for BuddyPress

A suite of moderation and community enhancement tools for BuddyPress, including member to member blocking, reporting and suspension.