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Take control of your inactive users

If you have users who haven’t been on your site for ages, or even registered, and never returned, this is the plugin for you. It creates the ability for your site to start recording when your users login, so you can see exactly when they last did.

Then, the plugin provides a simple user table so you can see the last login date and time for each of your users. The user email is also displayed, so you can make contact and persuade them to come back. You can also delete one or many users directly from the table.

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Benefits of the Professional Edition

Basic Features

  • Activates the ‘last login’ service
  • A simple user table showing last login date and time
  • Ability to delete directly from the user table

Pro Features

  • Set an inactive date, for example six months, after which your users become ‘inactive’.
  • Set a grace period, which gives users a final period of time by when they must Login.
  • Send an email to users warning them they have to login by a certain date or they may be removed.
  • Enhanced user table to filter users who are inactive, or in a grace period.
  • Deletion queue to quickly remove all inactive users from your site.


The only inactive user plugin that integrates fully with BuddyPress

Active User is fully compatible with BuddyPress. If BuddyPress is activated on your site, you will immediately see last activity data in the plugin table. This is because BuddyPress records last activity data from the start. For a BuddyPress site, the time and date displayed reflects the users last activity, instead of when the logged in, as this is more accurate.

Pro feature

What does the Deletion Queue do?

The Deletion Queue is all about speed. It allows a site administrator to instantly see which of their users haven’t been active. The Deletion Queue uses the date set by you to determine who is inactive. So, if you have specified six months as the inactivity date, any of your users who haven’t logged in (or been active in the case of a BuddyPress site) inside of that time-frame will be deemed inactive and automatically find themselves on this list. Now all you need to do is hit the delete button. Inactive users purged forever.

No more manually working out who your inactive users are. Just delete them in one go. Think of the time you’ve saved. Purchase now.

pro feature

What is the Grace Period?

The Grace Period is one of the most valuable professional features.

 Once enabled, as soon as a user becomes inactive, they enter a grace period. This is similar to a cooling-off period, or a function to give a user the benefit of the doubt by giving them a little bit more time to login, before you take further action.

Another awesome pro feature is the grace period email system. As soon as a user enters the grace period, you can choose to have Active User automatically email the user to warn them they have X amount of time before they are removed.

Pro feature

An Enhanced User Table

The basic edition of Active User comes with a simple user table. So let’s look at each of the awesome new features in the Professional Edition.

  1. Filter your results to see only users who are inactive, or who are in a grace period
  2. Handy addition of user ID
  3. Users in a grace period highlighted yellow
  4. Inactive users highlighted red

An enhanced user table, allowing you to quickly filter different types of inactivity


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Active User

Active User has been designed to need very little input from a site administrator. The work to start logging user activity happens automatically and behind the scenes. The settings page allows you to choose your inactive period, grace period, and whether your users should receive their inactivity email. If you need further assistance, get in touch.

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