Block, Suspend, Report for BuddyPress

Block, Suspend, Report for BuddyPress provides enhanced moderation for your BuddyPress site.

Block, Suspend, Report for BuddyPress is made up of three modules


The Block tool allows your members to block another member. They simply click on a ‘block’ button, either on another member’s profile, or on the member list. Once blocked, neither member can send a message to the other. Each member’s profile pages become inaccessible, and display a simple message. Neither can view each other’s activity updates, or replies, and neither can send a friend request to one another. This is a complete blocking system, much like that found on Facebook or other social media networks.

Key Features

  • A simple solution to deal with disputes between members.
  • Prevents escalation of abusive or unacceptable conduct between your members.
  • Lets your members deal with disputes by themselves, saving you time.
  • Your members can see who they have blocked from inside their profile, and can unblock them at any time.
  • See your worst offenders directly from your dashboard.

Your worst offenders

Head to your dashboard to immediately see the most blocked users on your site.


The Suspend tool allows you, as an administrator, to suspend a member. Click the ‘suspend’ button to terminate all of that user’s sessions and prevent them from logging back in.

Key Features

  • Quickly deals with members who have breached your acceptable standards policies.
  • Allows you to disable an account safely and temporarily. Previously, the only options were to delete their account, or declare them a spammer.
  • Keeps their profile, uploads, messages and other assets ready, should you decide they can return to the site.
  • Set a message that the user will see whenever they try to log in to your site.
  • Send an email to the suspended user, at the time you suspend them. This offers them an explanation as to why they can no longer log in, and explain the steps they need to take to be unsuspended. You can customise this email from your Suspend Settings page.

Suspend from the Back-end

For users who don’t carry out any administration on the public-facing site, you can suspend any user directly from the Users table.

Custom Login Error Message

Customisable Email to Suspended User


The Report tool has been overhauled for version 2. It allows your members to flag inappropriate, abusive, or otherwise unacceptable behaviour to the site administrator. This creates a new report, which administrators can see in the backend. You can specify a report type, similar to social media networks such as Facebook, to designate that report as ‘spam’ or ‘abusive’ and so on. You can even set Block, Suspend, Report to email you when a new report is received.

Key Features

  • Gives your members peace of mind that the site is open to moderation.
  • Allows you to deal with any report in your own time, without having to respond to internal messages or other notifications.
  • Users can choose what type of report they are making (spam, abusive behaviour etc).
  • Users can supply background information about the report.
  • Choose to email each time a new report is received. You can set a custom email address (or addresses) for the users to send their reports to. This means that someone other than the site administrator can handle moderation and community behaviour.

What can my users report?

  • Other members
  • Activity updates
  • Replies to activity updates
  • Groups
  • bbPress forum topics
  • bbPress forum replies
  • Private messages
  • rtMedia uploads

Latest Reports Box

This handy tool lives inside your dashboard. It lists the last ten reports made.

The Report Form

As soon as a user hits a report button, they see a simple pop-up form. It needs no introduction really. It uses Ajax, so doesn’t require annoying page refreshes, and gives feedback that the report was succesfully submitted.

The Report Table

This is where your reports come in.

The Report Screen

When you click on a new report, you are taken to the Report screen. This tells you a range of different information, such as who made the report, who created the content (and what kind of content it is), what type of report it is and so on. Then, depending on the content being reported on, you may see other information, such as the image if it is an rtMedia upload, or the content of a private message.

Report Types

Think of these as the categories each report might fall into. You may have seen similar on other social media networks, where, at the point of making a report, you can specify what type of report it will be. Block, Suspend, Report comes with four default types. They are: Spam, Offensive, Violent or Abusive and Misleading or Scam. These should cover most eventualities, but the Report Types page allows you to add new report types, or edit the default set. You can see in the image below, a fifth type has been added, ‘fake’. Your new categories will appear in every report form on the front-end, and can also be chosen if you add a new report from the back-end.

Reportable Content

From the Report Settings page, you can specify which varieties of content you want users to be able to report.

New Report Notifications

You can set Block, Suspend, Report to email you (or anyone else, or even a group of people) whenever a new report is submitted. This may be useful when you do not regularly log in to the back-end of the site, or where you have a moderation team set up separately to deal with complaints.

New for Version 2 – rtMedia moderation

You can now report rtMedia image uploads directly from the rtMedia lightbox. The offending image is replicated on the report screen so you can quickly determine the value of the report. If you require more functionality, we recommend you consider rtMedia’s dedicated reporting tool, which is available at $99 per year.

New for Version 2 – Integration with Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Memberships Pro is a complete member management and membership subscriptions plugin for WordPress. It enables you to set up membership levels that you can then assign to users, often through a paid subscription model.

Block, Suspend, Report integrates with PMPro by allowing site owners the choice of which membership levels can block or report other members. This means you can add moderation functionality as a paid option on your community site. For further information about Paid Memberships Pro, head to its website here.

The Dashboard

Head to our handy dashboard to see support options, links, latest reports and most blocked users, at a glance. You will also find the custom styling box here. You can use this to make changes to your buttons and links, to more accurately reflect the styling of your theme. If you ask for support, we may ask you to cut and paste some code into this box.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Block, Suspend, Report for BuddyPress

Block, Suspend, Report for BuddyPress is very easy to use. Once installed, there is very little you need to do. If you have the pro edition, you can use the settings page to make changes to the plugin.

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