Welcome to the home of the Ultimeter

‘Ultimeter’ is the only progress or goal meter for WordPress, you will ever need. Great to display your fundraising progress, your crowdfunding performance, monthly average temperatures or just about any other value that needs a slick, animated visual representation online. It uses a simple shortcode to display a choice of different meters (a thermometer and a progress bar in the Lite version, with two more added in the Pro Version). It then allows you to choose between percentage or currency units (as well as a custom unit in the Pro version). You can specify the total (goal) amount, as well as the total raised (progress) amount. You can even choose the colour of the meter, to keep it in line with your own styles.

Basic Features

  • Choice of 2 meters
  • Choice of meter colours
  • Set goal and current values
  • Choice of either percentage or currency units
  • Automatic formatting of currency values
  • Choice of currency unit
  • Smooth animations

Coming Soon

  • Milestones – the ability to add points along the scale to show extra information
  • Anything else you want! Let me know what enhancements might be useful.

Pro Features

  • 2 more meter designs, a radial meter and a tracked meter.
  • A re-imagined thermometer version, that can be resized dynamically by the container you place it in.
  • A third measurement unit with custom values – takes a singular and plural form, i.e. boxes, bags etc.
  • The ability to add custom CSS to create your own unique Ultimeter.
  • Currency rounding (removes the trailing units).
  • The ability to upload your own image to use as a meter. This could be a photo, or your company logo
  • Email support

As featured on the ‘WP Plugins A to Z’ Podcast!

I was so excited to hear the lovely chaps at WP Plugins A to Z review the Ultimeter. I was even more excited to receive a 5 out of 5 from them (although they deducted a star because I sell a premium plugin).

Some of the best looking meters that I’ve seen on these plugins. Check it out!

John Overall, Host – “WordPress Plugins A-Z Podcast”

Thank you so much for the review and I’m glad you found the plugin useful. You can hear the podcast here (fast forward to 03:46 to get straight to the review):

Using the Ultimeter

The Ultimeter has been designed for ease of use. Simply make the changes to the settings page, to reflect how you want the Ultimeter to look, and then use the shortcode [upgm] anywhere on your site. It can be used in pages, posts, widgets or on a sidebar.

Using the custom logo Ultimeter

Upload your base image and overlay image. Think of the base image as the static, lower version of your logo. Thus the overlay image is the upper layer, that dynamically adapts based on the current amount specified. It is important that the images are the same width and height, otherwise the animation will not work correctly. If you are unsure, upload them both anyway – the system will check the dimensions for you and notify you if there is a problem.

You will then need to set a percentage raised so far. In this version, the custom Ultimeter only supports percentages, but this may be revisited if there is sufficient demand.

Lastly, you can choose to display an animated counter beneath the meter, to give your visitors another, more exact, indication of your success.

Press the button to save your changes, and then just use the shortcode [upgm_custom] in any post, page or widget.

For Giving Tuesday 2018, the amazing folk at the Arizona Sustainability Alliance used the Ultimeter to display their progress throughout the day. They created a fantastic progress meter, over an Arizona sunset, and duplicated it in black and white, to produce this wonderful custom Ultimeter.

The possibilities are endless.