How do the Custom Meter images work?

As you already know, the custom meter allows you to use an image, logo, picture or any other visual as a progress meter. Let’s explain how the concept works.

One or two images?

Actually, when you create a new Custom Meter, you will need to upload two (almost identical) images. The first image is the base image. This one is the image your visitors will see when your progress is at 0%. Now, as your progress increases, a second image (overlay image) will appear to rise upwards, until it gets to the amount raised.

Can you give me any ideas for how to design my two images?

Absolutely! Most users create a black and white version of their logo or chosen picture. This is really easy to do using Photoshop, or any other image editing tool. They then upload this is the base image, and then upload the original as the overlay. This will produce a lovely effect where as the progress increases, the picture ‘comes to life’. We recommend you use this method to test out the Custom Meter, and when ready, think about different artistic styles.

What else do I need to know?

The obvious requirement is that the images must be exactly the same dimensions. In fact, if they aren’t, the animation won’t work very well at all. If you have followed the method above, the images will be the same sizes as you have only changed the colours.

Also, some logos are too complex to simply convert to black and white. Don’t worry! As long as the images differ enough to make the progress obvious, you can alter the pictures any way you choose. Indeed, some of our users have asked graphic designers to assist them in creating the two images.

Can you help with the images?

We will certainly give you suggestions if you contact us. And if you buy us a pizza, we may be able to create suitable images from your originals, for you.